Monday, February 7, 2011

Children Need Love Especially When They Don't Deserve It

Years ago I was visiting a mid-school principal when I noticed a tile on her desk with writing on it.  It said "Children need love especially when they don't deserve it."  I was so impressed by that statement and began to think about how true it really is. 
We all need somone in our life to hold that thought for us and love us through our bad behaviors, faults and weaknesses.  It may be that the bad behavior is merely a way of getting needed attention or a cry for help when we are down and lack the confidence and ability to change.  There have been so many teachers over the years for me who loved me when I didn't deserve it.  My parents, my husband , children, friends and family have all looked past my faults and loved me through it all.  What a gift and blessing it is to know I have people in my life who treat me better than I might deserve.  I think this is true for all of us.  We all need love whether we deserve it or not. 
In fact I think we all need love the most when we don't deserve it.  For if we have to be perfect and deserving of love then it alludes us all.

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